About SGXP

SGXP, short for Singapore Experience. 

"[countable] an event or activity that affects you in some way an enjoyable/exciting/unusual/unforgettable, etc. experience"

What We Do?

Singapore is a small yet vibrant city with much to offer! 

And our mission is to help you experience the best of Singapore. 

Our definition of the Singaporean Experience is not only something that leaves a lasting impression but also improves the lives of many by solving their problems.

The Singapore-based events, activities, and business are all carefully curated and we pride ourselves in taking a consumer-approach when putting these considerations together.

Follow us on our journey as we show you around Singapore!

How did we start?

Singapore really nothing to do. 

We also sian. 

During the start of the covid-19 lockdown, we built a huge list of things we want to do post-covid.

And SGXP is to share that list with others.

We help readers experience the best of singapore.

Wanna be featured?

Wanna stand a chance to be featured and awarded by SGXP? Drop us an email at Contact@sgxp.com.