Top 10 Best TCM in Singapore

best tcm in Singapore

Have you been looking for the best TCM in Singapore that can help fight depression, address allergies, and treat skin conditions alongside other health conditions? Well then, stay tuned as we’re about to unfold exactly those. TCM, aka Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a fascinating healing approach that makes use of all kinds of holistic methods … Read more

Novena MRT

Novena MRT Map, Credit: PiliApp

Novena is a town in Singapore that is popular amongst visitors. It has a wealth of history and is located close the centre of Singapore itself. Primarily, Novena is a residential area for affluent individuals. However, a diverse selection of shops can satisfy the needs of both locals and tourists. United Square is a notable shopping … Read more

River Safari Map – River Wonders Singapore

Entrance Sign Of River Safari, Credit: Singapore Travellers

River Safari, recently known as River Wonders, is the first and only river-themed safari park in Singapore. They have a huge focus on animal welfare, carefully catering to the needs of each creature located within their park. If you plan on visiting, why not use the River Safari map to plan your route for the … Read more

The 7 Best Beauty Salons in Singapore

best beauty salons in Singapore

Have you ever experienced a moment of regret after using a beauty salon? Indeed, patronising a bad beauty salon can be painful considering the money and time spent to look more attractive. Concerned about the numerous responses we have received from people over having a worrisome experience at a beauty salon, we decided to put … Read more

20 Best Birthday places and Ideas in Singapore (2022)

Are you planning to have an unforgettable and exciting birthday celebration with your friends? Wondering what things to do for your birthday or even which place? Well, look no further!  We are here to help you!  From amazing adventures in the sun, brilliant birthday celebration ideas to cool calm charades, there is something for everyone! … Read more

Talad Rot Fai – Bangkok’s Vintage Night Market

talad rot fai

Talad Rot Fai, Bangkok Night Market What do you get when you combine a State Railway of Thailand abandoned railway station with the surrounding warehouses, collect antiques, unusual goods, and open a free market? It’s simple. Look no farther than Talad Rot Fai for an answer. The Thonburi side of Bangkok’s train market is a … Read more

The Four Mansions

mansions in singapore

Mansions in Singapore In the late 19th century, we had our own version of the Four Heavenly Kings. The Teochews would construct four grand Chinese style homes (Si Da Cuo) known as the Four Mansions or Four Great Houses, with four prominent Teochews. During this time in Singapore, immigrants arrived in huge numbers. Many of … Read more

Faces of Commonwealth and Holland Village

hakka cemetery

Iconic History of Hakka Cemetery on Holland Village To complement their popular Queenstown excursions, my community has launched the new Commonwealth and Holland Village Heritage Tour. Participants will hear first-hand accounts from company tenants, teachers, and residents — current and former — about their personal experiences with the NYCHA property. Some organizations have stayed still … Read more

The Traditional Game of Carrom

carrom rules

Carrom Rules The elbow is bent at a nearly 90-degree angle, and the fingers are formed into a powerful hand catapult. An acrylic striker is released and shot forth with a flick toward a pre-assembled pool of brightly coloured hardwood seeds, demonstrating great aim and accuracy. Instead of swinging back into a pocket, the shot … Read more

The Lowdown on Mount Vernon

choa chu kang crematorium

Choa Chu Kang Crematorium The soothing chirping of birds was a pleasant sound to my ears. The hilly Mount Vernon region, which borders Bidadari to the west and north of Potong Pasir and MacPherson estates, is considered a haven for animals since it is home to a large number of migratory birds on their way … Read more