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About Ghetto Singapore

Ghetto Singapore was a blog about stories that revolve around Singapore’s history, arts and heritage. The stories portrayed were not just your usual tourist spots but rather off the beaten track places that contribute to our identity as a nation and country. We (SGXP) acquired this project because we wanted to preserve Singapore’s history in … Read more

Lai Chun yuen opera theatre

Lai Chun Yuen Famed Chinese Opera Theatre Of The Past

There was once a renowned Chinese opera theatre in the centre of Chinatown, where opera celebrities travelled from China and Hong Kong to perform. The theatre was so well-known that the surrounding streets were dubbed after it. Hei Yuen Koo (Theatre Street) was named after the Hei Yuen Company, which had its offices on Victoria … Read more

The Sporting Legacy of Farrer Park

When it comes to claiming rights as the birthplace of sports in Singapore, several sites spring to mind. The National Stadium, also known as the Grand Dame of Kallang, is a colossal stadium in Singapore that has hosted several sports events such as the SEA Games, Malaysia Cup tournaments, and even most of Singapore’s National … Read more

NAFA: Pioneering Arts Education

In 1938, Singapore’s most prominent fine arts institution, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), was formed. In the 1940s, it was still possible for a young Thai student to be trained in painting and other skills at Nafa. Nafa was the only art school in Southeast Asia until the 1950s. NAFA has under its … Read more

Launch Of Singapore’s First Television Station

Television viewing – everyone’s favourite perennial pastime – has changed alongside technological advances and the greater accessibility to numerous channels and content providers. With the transition from an analogue to a digital system, choices have expanded from free-to-air terrestrial stations to pay-per-view television channels and programs. There is now Internet television with popular online streaming … Read more

Maha Sasana Ramsi Burmese-Buddhist Temple

What springs to mind when you think of Mandalay, Rangoon, and an opulent Buddhist temple with golden-tiled roofs? Do you realize that the Burmese are among the nations with the greatest health risks in Singapore? There is a significant Burmese presence in Balestier, Singapore. Do you know that there is a big Burmese community in … Read more

Peninsula Plaza Singapore’s Little Burma

A peninsula is a landmass connected to the mainland by water on three sides but separated from it by land. Peninsula Plaza is a mall in Singapore’s Little Burma neighbourhood that connects Burmese people to their homeland. The 30-story Peninsula Plaza, designed by the Alfred Wong Partnership and erected in 1980, is an office structure … Read more

The Gate Of Hope

A door is simply a passage into a house or room. Victoria Street had a little gate, which symbolized more. It was a gateway of hope. Many abandoned newborns who had survived until the morning before the Sisters arrived were given a second chance. It was the Gateway of Hope. The Gate of Hope was … Read more