125 Years Of National Museum Of Singapore

125 Years Of National Museum Of Singapore

The restored neo-Palladian and Renaissance structures at Fort Canning Hill are striking, especially during the daytime. The hills former enigmatic name of Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill in Malay language) will intrigue you and the tacky artificiality that is the escalator to see beyond it.

The National Museum of Singapore, which was formerly known as the Raffles Library and Museum, is situated at the base of a hill. The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research is the oldest museum in Singapore and has grand architecture.

The National Museum of Australia celebrated 125 years of history and heritage on 13 October 2012. Although the celebration marked just one grandmother’s birthday, four generations were involved at a restaurant in East Coast Road.

It was a celebration of 125 years of:

  • Monument restoration and preservation is an excellent career.
  • Singapore boasts of an unbroken history that started as a settlement of the indigenous people, then became a British colony, known as Syonan-to during the Japanese occupation, was part of Malaysia for about two years before becoming an independent nation.
  • The museum offers various exhibitions, permanent history and living galleries, as well as many education and community programs.
  • A people’s museum.

Yam seng please?

Spooky Spiral Staircase of National Museum of Singapore. Image Source (Facebook)

I remember the National Museum of Singapore because…:

A dark and foreboding entrance with long corridors, old portraits, and vintage floor tiles might look like the setting of a horror film. This is not an event at Universal Studios Singapore.

I don’t actually remember much about this school trip to the museum in the early 90s, except that it rained on us. This museum was once known as the Singapore History Museum.

As a museum volunteer from 2006 to 2007, I occasionally helped out with events and programs. Watching the museum’s storytelling process about Singapore’s surprisingly rich and diverse heritage was a perfect backdoor pass. I also write stories about the local heritage on this blog.

Cake-cutting Ceremony at National Museum of Singapore 125th Anniversary.
Cheque presentation at National Museum of Singapore 125th Anniversary.
Some people looking at the celebration on the ground.
Other Staffs distribute the cake.
Visitors all over the museum.