Fuk Tak Chi Temple Fuk Tak Chi Museum

Fuk Tak Chi Temple Fuk Tak Chi Museum

The Fuk Tak Chi Temple in Singapore’s Chinatown is the country’s oldest and most historic temple. It was rebuilt on the site of an earlier simple shrine in 1820 as a brick temple.

The temple was built with the help of Hakka and Cantonese immigrants who came to Singapore in search of higher-paying employment. The basin was formerly a major landing site for these immigrants who arrived via sea, before the reclamation project of the 1890s.

Fuk Tak Chi Museum & Places of Interest. Image source (Visit Singapore)
Fuk Tak Chi Museum. Image Source (Singapore Travel Hub)
Interior of the former Fuk Tak Chi Temple, Singapore. Image Source (Wikimedia Commons)

The Fuk Tak Chi Temple was one of the first places these immigrants visited to offer thanksgiving for their safe passage to Singapore.

In 1998, the Fuk Tak Chi Temple was rebuilt and converted to the present-day Fuk Tak Chi Museum under the supervision of Far East Square Development. It is a collection of Chinese history and artefacts, including forgotten arts and travel documents.

Fuk Tak Chi Temple, now a Museum-Hotel. Image Source (The Heartlander Tourist – WordPress.com)