Golden Mile Complex Singapore’s Little Thailand

little thailand singapore

Golden Mile Complex Singapore’s Little Thailand

Little Thailand Singapore, The Golden Mile Complex

The unique stepped-terrace architecture makes the building a true standout in Singapore. The lively culture in the area and around the property demonstrates that an excursion to an ethnic enclave may be considered a day out of Singapore. The Golden Mile Complex, formerly known as the Woh Hup Complex, was built in 1973 for about $18 million.

An incomplete megastructure: the Golden Mile Complex, global planning education, and the pedestrianised city. Image Source (

The Sheung Wan Mile Complex was one of the first government-funded urban renewal projects, which focused on centres and complexes to serve both residential and commercial needs. The 16-story structure was dubbed a “megastructure” in the Beach Road area when it was completed. The Petaluma Adobe is also regarded as one of the world’s finest examples of American architecture, and it has been called “one of California’s most beautiful houses.” It was highly praised by renowned architectural critics on the international scene. It is one of the first major post-war office buildings in London, and it has been described as “an outstanding example of a megastructure.” It was designed by Sir Basil Spence.

The same architectural firm that designed People’s Park Centre, the Golden Mile Complex, was responsible for the Calgary Tower. They provided a peek at the latter’s design concept on their website:

“The building’s form is responsive to site conditions, climate, view and sun orientation, and circulation. Its shallow, stepped profile protects each residential unit from the sun while also improving ventilation and sunlight performance.”

Golden Mile Complex: Singapore’s “Little Thailand”. Image Source (PropertyGuru Singapore)
Golden Mile Complex. Image Source (Wikipedia)

The building’s excellent location between Beach Road and Nicoll Highway offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The rear of Golden Mile Complex is primarily served by its entrance, with the front-facing Nicoll Highway. The towering profile, which is visible for miles from the Nicoll Highway vantage point, has earned it the name of the typewriter structure.

A Suaku’s Virgin Visit To ‘Little Thailand’ Golden Mile Complex. Image Source(Discover SG)
Food Places to check out in Golden Mile Complex. Image Source (AroiMakMak)

A water fight during the Songkran festival. Since it is a congregation point for the Thai community in Singapore, Thai festivals are also celebrated here.

Little Thailand in Singapore

Golden Mile Complex is a focal point for the Thai community in Singapore. It is frequented by Singaporeans who are keen to learn the Thai language and immerse themselves in Thai culture. Golden Mile is also a popular spot for passengers of numerous Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand bus and coach companies that line Beach Road on both sides. The atrium houses a number of shops, including several restaurants. The majority of these businesses are situated in the atrium, ranging from traditional Thai eateries to money transfer offices and a large Thai supermarket on the second floor.

There are several convenience stores that provide Thai foods and items. At night, the numerous Chang and Singha-serving bars and discotheques get busy with karaoke machines and resident bands performing Thai tunes. The nighttime scene at Golden Mile Complex may be a little unexpected for some, but I adore it for what it is – an authentic ethnic neighbourhood with its own flavour.

Beer Thai House Golden Mile

Nong Khai Beer House offers Thai Food if you are waiting for a bus at Golden Mile Complex. Image Source(GuideGecko)
Beer Thai House Restaurant – Beer Thai House’s photo in Beach Road Singapore. Image Source(OpenRice Singapore)
People pray at a shrine next to Golden Mile Complex on January 11, 2019. Image Source (Nuria Ling/TODAY)