Malabar Mosque

Malabar Mosque

Malabar Mosque, with some visitors. Image Source (Trip)

The white Malabar Muslim Jama-At Mosque is a landmark building in Singapore that stood out from other religious structures on the island.

Because of its distinctive traits, the site has remained relatively off the beaten path for tourists and researchers. The Malabar Muslim Mosque, the only mosque in Singapore managed by the Indian Malabar Muslims from Kerala who first came to Singapore in the early 19th century. Since they were mainly traders dealing in textiles and jewels, the mosque lies in Jalan Sultan and Kampong Glam district which was rich with textile stores.

The mosque’s façade is covered in iconic sky-blue and white lapis lazuli tiles. It also occupies the space of an old cemetery, which dates back to 1819.

Malabar Mosque, Singapore. Image Source (TripAdvisor)
The Malabar Mosque, c. 1970s. Image Source (