Singapore to Melaka (Malacca) Overland

melaka to singapore bus

Singapore to Melaka (Malacca) Overland

Melaka to Singapore Bus

This is a step-by-step guide to travelling from Queen Street in Singapore to Melaka Sentral in Melaka, Malaysia the cheapest way possible.

  • Take the Queen Street Bus Terminal to Johor / Larkin Express Bus (J.B. Bus Depot on the Singapore City Map). The Causeway Link (Yellow Bus) or the Singapore-Johore Express (Red Bus) may be taken. Hold onto your ticket at all times.

Queen Street Bus Terminal. Source (Pinterest)
Causeway Link Bus. Source (Land Transport Guru)
Singapore-Johore Express Bus. Source (Land Transport Guru)
  • Check out at Singapore Customs and Immigration upon arrival (a 30-minute trip). Arrive in Singapore at the border (30 minutes away).
  • Board the next comparable bus with the same ticket that you obtained earlier (The bus comes every 10 minutes).
  • The bus will go across the causeway and alight at the Malaysia checkpoint (5-minute journey), where you’ll need to pass through immigration formalities. At Malaysia Customs, check-in.
Causeway Bridge. Source (Yahoo News Singapore)
  • The next bus with the same ticket (10 minutes per bus) should be boarded.
  • Board the bus in Chinatown for a 20-minute trip to Larkin Bus Terminal.
Larkin Bus Terminal. Source (Wikipedia)
  • At the Larkin Bus Terminal, look around for various bus companies offering buses to Melaka (Malacca). They range in price from MYR8.80 to MYR11.80 (4 to 5 Singapore Dollars).
Bus Operator. Source (The Star)
  • Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor and Melaka (Malacca) are about 2-3 hours apart by road. Chinatown District is the most popular area for visitors to stay, according to Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. The bus takes you to the city centre. You can take Bus 17 (MYR1) or a taxi from the taxi station (MYR15) to Chinatown.