Tekka Centre Epicentre Of Little India

little india tekka market

Tekka Centre Epicentre Of Little India

Little India Tekka Market

An epicentre is a focal point on the Earth’s surface directly above where an earthquake begins. The Tekka Centre is located beneath the subterranean Little India MRT Station. It is a major centre of Little India because it provides a multi-sensory experience with the numerous items and fresh cuisine on offer.

Entrance of Tekka Centre: A Riot of Sensations in this Little India Hub. Image Source (UnTourist Singapore)
Wet Market of Tekka Centre Epicentre. Image Source (The Straits Times)
Food Stalls of Tekka Center in Singapore. Image Source (Hotels.com)

Indian Tailors in Singapore

The complex was originally called Tekka Centre until 2010 when it was renamed. It is now known as the Tekka Centre after several namesakes and many variations including Kandang Kerbau, Zhujiao Center, Tek Kia Kha, and Tekka Market. The Tekka Centre is a two-storey building with a food centre, wet market, and retail outlets.

The upper floor of Tekka Centre is devoted to retail. The area is also home to a variety of local businesses, including fabric and accessory stores, traditional wear retailers such as Indian saris, antiques and collectables dealers, and many tailors. Tailors specialize in dress repair, while others promise customers a custom-fit blouse within two hours.

Tekka Shopping Centre Mall. Image Source (Hello! Singapore Tours)
Tekka Wet Market. Image Source (The Best Singapore)

Unlike modern supermarkets, wet markets are far more distinctive. The first thing that one generally detects is a fresh market. The Tekka Centre is a housewife’s paradise, and it’s similar to other markets in that it’s a bustling scene of price bargaining, pleasant conversation, fish scalping, and meat cutting.

Tekka Centre is a great spot to spend the day, but it’s best to go there in the morning since the food centre is a favourite breakfast destination. It’s a common sight to see Singaporeans of all races dining on a sumptuous Indian breakfast in this district, despite its location in the nation’s ethnic quarter. It is also essential to note that curry is at its most flavorful in the early hours of the day.

Roti Prata: the Indian equivalent of a flour-based pancake best eaten with a piping hot curry. Image Source (TIH)
Teh Tarik: hot milk tea pulled to a thick frothy top. Image Source (Youtube)
Vegetable of Tekka Centre Epicentre Of Little India. Image Source (Time Out)