The Traditional Parrot Astrologer

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The Traditional Parrot Astrologer

Try and Find your luck in Parrot Astrology

The fortune-teller is perhaps the most mystical of all the traditional street vendors in Singapore. In addition, there are various approaches used by different fortune-tellers. The parrot astrologer is one of a kind.

In parrot astrology, the parrot (usually a parakeet) interprets your fortune card while the fortune teller plays the role of an interpreter and delivers the message. The first parrot astrologers were from the South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and their sightings were common in Singapore around the end of the 19th century.

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The parrot astrologers initially served the working Indian immigrants, but they gained popularity among the other communities after they began operating in Little India’s surrounding areas. Customers frequently visited parrot astrologers to inquire about particular issues or to set fortunate dates for events like weddings and business openings.

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The Parrot Astrologers Of Tamilnadu. Image Source (The Urge To Wander)

A parakeet, of course, is typical trade equipment. A set of 27 fortune cards based on the Indian cosmic system, images of Hindu gods, charts, a notebook, and a simple cage constructed of bamboo or wood are all examples of common commercial items.

As soon as the fortune teller receives a customer’s name and birth date, he or she hits the cage with his or her finger, sending the parakeet out of its cage along with the stack of 27 fortune cards, as if considering which card to choose. It might then withdraw a card with its beak, seemingly at random. Finally, it would crawl back into the cage. After this, the fortune teller would bring out the card and interpret the message for the client, often while looking at his or her notepad. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your prospects by combining palm reading with the session.

Madame Kamala is a parrot astrologer who has been practising the craft for over 40 years. Like many other traditional occupations that are passed down from one generation to the next, Madam Kamala learnt parrot astrology from her mother. She formerly set up her mobile stall outside Tekka Market at Serangoon Road but switched to Albert Mall due to a large number of pedestrians and pilgrims to both Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho and Sri Krishnan temples.

Because of their decreasing numbers, I regard it as a blessing to encounter a parrot astrologer. However, if you wish to verify your good fortune, you may offer the parakeet for a tiny amount of money of $5. In conclusion, I can confidently state that this is the only trade that gives you a simultaneous view of the past and future.