Novena MRT

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Novena MRT

Novena is a town in Singapore that is popular amongst visitors. It has a wealth of history and is located close the centre of Singapore itself. Primarily, Novena is a residential area for affluent individuals. However, a diverse selection of shops can satisfy the needs of both locals and tourists. United Square is a notable shopping mall, offering food and a host of general shops.  

There are also many places to eat and drink, including scenic rooftop bars and urban-style coffee shops. If you prefer a town that is buzzing with life, Novena could be the place for you. Crowds of people and an energetic atmosphere is something you can expect, day and night.

Novena MRT Map, Singapore

Novena MRT is an underground Metro station, connecting the city to wider areas across Singapore. Of course, you can also utilize the frequent buses or a taxi. As soon as you emerge from the metro station, you will be greeted with a selection of shopping malls. This is convenient and means you won’t have to carry shopping bags throughout the city. 

If you’d like to spend a bit more time in Novena, there are a handful of accommodation options. A large portion of these hotels are advertised as luxurious, with most having an average rating of over 4 stars. These hotels are in convenient locations and give you a stunning view of the bustling town below. 

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The price for using the Novena MRT varies depending on the line you wish to take. However, the average cost of a ticket is within the $1-$3 range.  


250 Thomson Road, Singapore, 307642 

Opening Hours

Opening hours for Novena MRT are in line with the first and last trains of the day. Currently, the earliest trains depart at 5:44am throughout the week. The last train leaves the station at 12:22am. 

Phone Number

You can call the Novena Metro on 1800 336 8900. This number is available from 7:30am to 8:00pm daily. 

Email Address

Currently, Novena MRT does not have an email address.