Singapore MRT Map: Location Guide, Current map & Future Stations

Singapore MRT Map:
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Singapore may be small, but our size isn’t a reflection of how extensive our MRT system is, boasting a total of more than 130 stations on MRT Map, reaching almost every nitty-gritty spot across our island. 

If you’re guilty of constantly complaining – “But Singapore so boring leh”, this comprehensive guide to the MRT lines might open up new weekend adventures for you. The next time you catch yourself saying that, just whip this MRT Map page out, pick a stop (any stop!) to alight at, and get ready to uncover your local hidden gems. 

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SG MRT MAP: Where Do I start from?

East-West Line MRT Map

East-West Line Mrt Map
East-west Line MRT Map (Source:

An intimately-coined term by many East-siders, “East side best side” is not for nothing. The amount of food that lies within this space is much to behold, especially for your bellies. 

Other than food, other exciting adventures you can look out for are also leisure and entertainment in heartland malls, and even some outdoor sightseeing along the East-West Line Mrt Map.

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North-South Line MRT Map

North-South Line MRT Map
North-west line MRT map (Source:

While City Hall, Orchard and Somerset have long stolen the limelight on the North-South line, some off-the-beaten paths on Toa Payoh, Newton and Sembawang may very well be a good bet for novel adventures on days you’re not feeling the urban jungle. 

You can expect to find leisure and entertainment, art and culture, food, as well as outdoor activities along the North-South Line MRT Map.

Downtown Line MRT Map

Downtown Line Mrt Map
Downtown line MRT map (Source:

Downtown Line may be the newest kid on the block, but its prominent neighbourhoods definitely have been popular hangout spots for tourists and the local gallivants. 

Some of the most interesting finds along this line are art and culture places, leisure and entertainment, as well as outdoor activities on the Downtown Line MRT Map

North-East Line MRT map

North-East Line Mrt Map
North-east line MRT map (Source:

Some  main locations worth checking out along the purple line are Punggol, Little India, and Nex. Along this North-East MRT Map route, you can expect to find leisure and entertainment, art and culture, as well as ourdoor activities.

Circle Line MRT Map

Circle Line MRT Map
Circle line MRT map (Source:

Although much of Circle Line serves as residential and work areas, that doesn’t mean this line is all that boring. 

If you find yourself along this line, check out the local food options here, as well as shopping malls. As you explore a little further off the line towards the end, you can expect to unwind in the serenity of nature.

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