Sell Your Stock Image

How to sell your stock photos with SGXP

Are you a photographer who’s highly passionate about your work and is looking to gain more exposure for your work?

Or perhaps you’re a student who would like to start a side hustle by repurposing some of your final year projects?

Consider featuring your work with us – We are the first Singapore-based stock image and illustration site; as our name implies, we only focus on unique, localized content.

Why are we doing this?

It can be hard to find unique and exciting stock photos of Singapore that haven’t been used a million times before, and when you do, it’s riddled with copyright laws and regulations.

Imagine if you’ve just finished your website or your project but are missing that one key component – a good image of Singapore, but you don’t have the time or skill to take them.

This is something that plagues many Singaporean students, freelancers, business owners and web masters, and we want to change that.

We aim to have beautiful photos that truly capture the essence and culture of Singapore – that’s why we are constantly looking to buy great photos submission.

So if you have something that’s SGXP worthy, simply submit it to us, and we’ll vet through your work.

SGXP Stock Photo Requirements

Example of Submission Requirments

bad image submission Sgxp
Good stock image submission Sgxp