Top 5 Motion Sensor Light Stores in Singapore

Top 5 Motion Sensor Light Stores in Singapore

Introduction to Motion-Sensor Lights

Ever walked to a door and it opened by itself? Ever waved your hand under a tap in a fancy restroom and water started pouring out? Ever walked into a restroom and the lights turned on by themselves? Behold, the magic of motion sensors!

When they detect motion, they open doors, on taps, and turn on lights, just to name some functions. They’re everywhere, in offices, schools, buildings, restrooms! Today, we will specifically focus on motion sensor lights. These lights are taking over their traditional counterparts for countless reasons. 

Firstly, given their contactless nature, such lights are a blessing in public places. It reduces touchpoints like switches, and that prevents the spread of germs. Secondly, they save a lot more electricity. Since they only turn on when they detect motion in the room, they will only be on for the period of time someone is present. You will never have to worry about accidentally leaving a light on, or leaving it on the whole day or night. While saving electricity, it also saves money.

Another reason why motion sensor lights are becoming huge is due to the sheer convenience they bring to your daily life – when you don’t have any free hands to turn on a light, or when you’re just too lazy (we all have our moments, don’t worry!).

Security-wise too, motion-sensor lights can be a huge lifesaver. Darkness is dangerous. Imagine this: a stranger, or (touch wood!) a burglar is attempting to penetrate into your home, seeking darkness as their friend. But no! As soon as their movements are detected, the lights turn on and the strange person runs away, thinking he’s caught. You see, the uses and benefits of motion-sensor lights are endless, and need to become a part of your home.

How does a motion-sensor light work?

There are several types of technologies used in motion-sensor lights that make them detect motion – Microwave, Area Reflective, Dual Technology, etc.

However, the two most common types, that are known for their reliability and accuracy, are the Active Ultrasonic and Passive Infrared sensors. 

Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency above the range of human hearing. To explain simply, these waves bounce off nearby objects, and when they hit a moving object, the sensor is tripped, and your lights turn on! 

Passive Infrared sensors, on the other hand, detect heat. Every object and living thing in the universe emits some amount of heat, and passive infrared sensors detect the presence of a person by detecting a change in temperature of the area! 

Top 5 Stores

  1. Steinel Singapore Motion Sensor Light
The STEINEL PIR SENSOR – IS 2360 DE ECO MOTION DETECTOR is ready to illuminate your home! 

Steinel is the most trustworthy store you can shop your motion sensor lights from. Their lights give you the feel of home but the security of a bank. Moreover, their products are very aesthetically pleasing and will definitely class up your home – whether it’s a house or an apartment! Steinel is also part of Intellihub, which is the official distributor for Steinel motion sensor technology and power tools. Their motion sensor lights are known for their accuracy and reliability, and their 3-5 years of warranty will also give you peace of mind. With that, you can always rest assured that every Steinel motion and presence sensor light purchase you make is an investment for a better and brighter life!

  1. Three Cubes Lightings
The Philips SHAN Motion Sensor Ceiling Light. It looks small, but don’t underestimate it! It will brighten your life!

Three Cubes Lightings is one of the top lighting brands in Singapore which has also partnered with leading brands like PHILIPS, MEGAMAN, YEELIGHT, and more! They offer high-quality lighting with motion sensors for your home and business. They offer products for every price range. They believe that lights serve a purpose beyond their fundamental function of illumination. They offer after-sales support and warranty for their products too, for you to have a seamless process of installation and use. Three Cubes Lightings also sells the world’s first energy-saving LED Bulb! 

  1. Light Makers Pte Ltd
YEELIGHT CRYSTAL MOTION SENSOR WHITE CEILING ROUND LIGHT MINI (2 IN 1). Perfect for small areas, this tiny light illuminates your room as if it were the biggest room in the house.

When you hear ‘Light Makers Pte Ltd’, you know it’s one of the best, as it is one of Singapore’s longest-standing retailers and suppliers of lighting. They offer lighting that is perfect for residential and commercial areas. They have been standing for so long for a reason – they provide anything their customers need, keep up with all trends, and come up with products unique to the market. Their motion sensor lights are of minimalist design, yet powerful. They have lights for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are definitely safe for use, and of the utmost quality. 

  1. Chan Huat Lighting House
The FUMAGALLI FRANCY 1A1.000 which is available in both black and white is here to class up your home!

Chan Huat Group is one of the leading suppliers when it comes to lighting for retail and industrial purposes. They are known for their excellent service to customers. They have a very skilled consultation team, and a wide range of products to meet and satisfy every customer’s needs. Chan Huat Lighting House is truly unique as they have motion sensor versions of light products. In fact, they are all made in Italy, with the finest materials for the highest quality for their consumers. They ensure this with their ​​proactive quality and thorough inspection programs on all incoming raw materials from overseas and on the final products before they’re shipped and sold.

  1. Delight OptoElectronics Pte. Ltd.
The OPPLE MX240 D0 RADAR SENSOR CEILING LIGHT looks so cool! A basic, minimalist look that adds so much to your room.

Delight OptoElectronics Pte. Ltd. is an online store that provides you with a wide range of brands to give you the most efficient shopping experience ever. They focus their services on online retailing and providing wholesale sales for their clients. If you find yourself in a lighting issue and require special services to come up with the perfect solution to your problem, their team of lighting designers is there for you! They have a variety of motion sensor lights with various technologies from different brands, to meet any need you may have. They often have exciting deals. They also offer a warranty for their products.

So, there you have it – your one-stop guide to motion sensor lights, with all the information at your fingertips! Motion sensor lights are becoming huge and for a reason. The sense of safety they bring you, and the amount of money you will be saving in your monthly bills, all make the purchase so worth it. And now, you even have all the information you need to make your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!