Early Childhood Educators Gather to Promote Wellness at Professional Development Day 2023

Early Childhood Educators Gather to Promote Wellness at Professional Development Day 2023

A recent study conducted in Singapore revealed that 90% of teachers experienced increased responsibilities and workloads after the reopening of schools. This situation has heightened stress levels and potential burnout among early childhood educators. In response to these challenges, Kinderland collaborated with ELFA, Skools4Kidz, and NurtureStars to organise Professional Development Day (PD Day) 2023, held on July 3, 2023, at Hall 2A, Singapore Expo. The event aims to address the well-being of over 1,000 early childhood educators through workshops and strategies for personal and professional growth.

KLC International Institute, a renowned early childhood education and professional development organisation, organised PD Day, which offered beneficial sessions to improve educators’ well-being. It recognised the crucial role of educators in early childhood development and emphasised the importance of equipping them with tools and strategies to thrive in high-pressure environments.

The three Ps: Physical, Psychological, and Professional

The event introduced a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on the three Ps: Physical, Psychological, and Professional. Marion Mony, Director of Programme and Development at Skool4Kidz, highlighted the significance of these three dimensions. Physical wellness encompasses healthy habits such as adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and listening to one’s body. Psychological wellness involves caring for one’s mental health, while professional wellness promotes personal growth through learning and reflection. Participants were encouraged to share their real-life experiences to foster professional development.

Workshops for Mental Wellness and Nutrition

The PD Day featured workshops led by Kevin Wong, Founder and Head Consultant of E3Sports Asia, and Shawn Quck, a certified mental wellness and health coach. These workshops focused on enhancing mental well-being. Participants learned stress and fatigue management techniques, including relaxation exercises and stretches, to address the impact of stress on their overall well-being. The mindfulness session provided evidence-based techniques for cultivating calm and managing daily stress.

Another workshop, titled “Positive Relationships and Peer Support at Workplaces (Mental Wellness),” aimed to equip educators with the skills to provide peer support. It focused on recognising signs of change in colleagues, engaging in empathetic conversations, and maintaining personal well-being while supporting others. The speakers shared practical tips in the workshops “Busted: Diet and Food Myths” and “Food Label Reading Smart” to ensure educators received proper nutrition, including guidance on using the Healthy365 app.

The day ended with an energetic Zumba class led by certified personal trainer Siti Zhywee and fitness instructor Junyang Julian. This exercise session allowed educators to engage in physical activity and further promote their overall well-being.

Early childhood educators capped the day with a renewed sense of purpose. Michelle Ang Qiu Yan, Centre Leader of Kinderland Preschool Ministry of Manpower, expressed how the event uplifted her as it emphasised the importance of prioritising her well-being as an educator. She added that the practical tools and strategies gained from the event empowered educators like her to navigate classroom challenges while caring for themselves. These sentiments were widely shared among the attendees, reflecting the overall impact of PD Day.

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