7 ways to check off your bucket list in Singapore

7 ways to check off your bucket list in Singapore

You don’t often hear the term ‘bucket list’ and ‘Singapore’ in the same sentence-and it’s easy to see why. The geographical landscape in this island city seems hardly the place to cross off things to do before you die, as opposed to typical bucket list stuff: seeing the Northern Lights, riding in a jungle safari or a hot air balloon. But if you’d just dig a little deeper, you don’t have to cross borders for unique activities to do to tell your friends, “yeah, I did that.”

From exhilarating to exquisite experiences, this is how you can check off your bucket list in Singapore.

Dine at one of the world’s top restaurants

Odette Restaurant interior design Image credit

A melting pot of races and ethnicities, Singapore is a culinary mecca of diverse cuisine from around the region. Cafes, hawker centres and street food – the hallmark of Singaporean food culture – are a daily must-have for every food lover. But that is not all there is to the culinary excellence offered here.

For an over-the-top dining experience, try dining at Odette. Ranked #18 in The World’s Best 50 Restaurants 2020, this is definitely the place for the self-coined gluttons to go to at least once. The french restaurant offers pure indulgence at a cost of S$248 to S$398 per diner and reservations are made up to 60 days in advance. 

Website: https://www.odetterestaurant.com

Go glamping under the stars

Luxury mobile camping-we’ve probably never even heard of that 10 years ago. But today, glamping is all the rage with the new way to live in nature, bon vivant-style.

For those itching to check off vacationing luxuriously outdoors, Glamping Society offers outdoor camping services at East Coast Park and Punggol Container Park. True to its name, they’ll let you have a premium experience by handling all the setup so you can jump straight into getting your glam on. Did we also mention that they have air-conditioned tents?

Packages start from S$270 for a Couple’s Package, and go up to S$699 for the Premium Birthday Package, for the ultimate indulgence.

Website: https://www.glampingsociety.com

Bungee jump off a 47m tower

View of Skypark by AJ Hackett Image credit

No bucket list is complete without an action-filled daredevil activity to get your blood pumping. Thrillseekers can now tick this off the list by going bungee jumping at AJ Hackett in Sentosa. Take in the marvellous view of Siloso Beach as you conquer your fears and leap off the tower hanging from the bungee cord. 

The price is $89 for 1 jump and an AJ Hackett International Membership which entitles you to 20% discount in 5 countries worldwide. You’ll even get an e-certificate as a memoir of the time you plunged off a 47-metre tall tower! If that’s not enough bragging rights for you, AJ Hackett captures this exhilarating moment in full HD in video.

Website: https://www.ajhackett.com/sentosa/activities/bungy/

Explore marine life snorkelling on Sisters’ Island

View of Sisters’ Island Image credit

The Sisters’ Island Marine Park just off the coast of Singapore is a government-protected marine area with more than 250 species of hard corals. Experience the rich biodiversity and history of the island, fully submerged, as you take on the Dive Trails.

Spanning 100m in length, you can opt between the shallow(6m) or deep trail(15m). This activity is one to check off your bucket list as you unlock a whole new world of over 32% of hard coral species found worldwide, hundreds of reef fish and sponges and seagrass species. 

To be able to embark on the Dive Trails, you will need a diving certification above entry level and relevant experience. Since the Sisters’ Island Marine Park is dedicated to conserving the marine biodiversity in Singapore’s waters, these requirements are put in place so the ecosystem isn’t accidentally damaged. 

Find out more at: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/sisters-islands-marine-park

Unleash your inner racer on the F1 track

Take one last look at your car vision board, we’re going for a ride. Have your pick of your dream sports cars-a Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW i8 or McLaren-and get ready to feel like Lewis Hamilton as you ride up on Singapore’s Formula 1 circuit..

A 15-minute drive begins at S$376 (USD 280) or petrol heads can opt for the 30-minute joyride. You can also choose if you’d like to take the wheel or have a professional instructor guide you through the ride, or drive the car. Most of us can only dream of ever owning one of these supercars in our lifetime, but now, you can safely say you have driven(or raced in!) one.

Find out more at: https://www.ultimatedrive.com/joyride

The ultimate adrenaline kick with skydiving

Video credit from iFly Singapore

The urban landscape in Singapore means that there isn’t much space to jump off an airplane while skydiving. Now, you don’t have to pay exorbitant costs to travel overseas and pay for packages as you can experience it here!

iFLY Singapore offers an indoor skydiving experience in one of the world’s largest wind tunnels. So for those bummed about travel restrictions or the ones who are too scared to try the real thing, iFLY has a thing for you (and at one-fifth of the cost!)

Here, you can see what it feels like to free-fall in the same conditions as an actual skydive. Imagine leaping off a plane and falling from 12,000ft. Prices start from S$46 for first-timers for advance booking. You can even go for packages with two jumps if crossing it off the bucket list once isn’t enough.

Find out more at: https://www.iflysingapore.com

Come face to face with adorable dolphins

The dolphin experience Image credit

You don’t have to cross oceans to The Bahamas to swim with these adorable creatures. You could cross a boardwalk to Sentosa, though. The Dolphin Island in Resorts World Sentosa is home to these intelligent aquatic mammals and is committed to building a more sustainable marine environment for them.

To interact with the dolphins, the Dolphin Encounter Programme lets you meet the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins without actually getting into water. For S$35, you can splash around, pet and smile together in selfies as you learn some fun facts about your aquatic counterparts.

The Dolphin Adventure(S$130) and Dolphin Trek(S$150) programmes will bring you deeper to experience these bubbly yet graceful dolphins and swim alongside them. The onsite hosts will give you a full tour, sharing facts and information about marine life, to inspire and promote a deeper understanding of these elegant animals and the ecosystem.

Find out more at: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/dolphin-island