Innovating Dreams: KIKI & SEBBY® Unveils the SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System, Raising the Bar for Sustainable Sleep Solutions

Innovating Dreams: KIKI & SEBBY® Unveils the SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System, Raising the Bar for Sustainable Sleep Solutions

Experience a new era of adaptability and longevity in baby sleep solutions with the groundbreaking SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System. This innovative system redefines the way babies sleep, offering up to six unique configurations that cater to every stage of development. From a cosy bassinet for newborns to a crib, and even a toddler bed, the SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System grows alongside your child, ensuring a reliable and comfortable sleep space from infancy to adulthood.

Embracing sustainability as a core principle, KIKI & SEBBY® has crafted the SBROUT® Sleep Habitat System to reduce waste and stand the test of time. Meticulously constructed with premium materials, this system is built to last and can be passed down through generations. By choosing the SBROUT® Sleep Habitat System, parents not only provide their child with a safe and comfortable sleep environment but also make an eco-conscious choice for the planet’s future.

The remarkable SBROUT® Sleep Habitat System has garnered significant recognition. It has been nominated in the ‘World of Kids Furniture’ category at the esteemed Kind + Jugend ASEAN Innovation Award, a premier trade show for baby and kids products in the ASEAN region. This nomination speaks to the system’s revolutionary design and transformative potential in revolutionising the way babies sleep and grow. Additionally, the system has earned a place as a finalist in the highly coveted ‘Best Cot/Cot Bed Design’ category at the prestigious Junior Design Awards 2023. As the sole Singaporean representative among the finalists, KIKI & SEBBY® stands tall among the world’s finest children’s design brands.

Beyond the acclaim, the SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System has already earned glowing reviews from parents who have experienced its remarkable adaptability and durability. Providing a secure and comfortable sleep environment throughout their child’s growth, this system offers peace of mind to parents. The SBROUT® Sleep Habitat System meets the rigorous safety requirements of British Standards BS: EN 1130 (Crib), EN 716-1 (Cot), EN 17191 (Mini Chair), and EN 16890 (Mattress).

The SBROUT® Baby Sleep Habitat System exemplifies KIKI & SEBBY®‘s unwavering commitment to designing sustainable and luxurious baby products. By investing in this exceptional sleep solution, parents not only prioritize their child’s well-being but also make a positive impact on the environment.

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