Beach Road Army Market

Beach Road Army Market

Beach Road Army Market

Beautiful Memories in Beach Road Army Market

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Army Market was a favourite hangout for service members looking for army gear. Visiting the Army Market now brings back beautiful memories for many Singaporean men of their halcyon army days.

Singapore Army Market

For enlistees awaiting National Service in Singapore, “First to Beach Road, Then to Army” was common knowledge. For many, the Beach Road Army Market was a crucial first stop. I, too, reported to the Army Market in the vicinity of an eagle-eyed shopkeeper as a nascent enlisted.

Basic Military Equipments where found in Army Market Beach Road

The shopkeeper’s years of experience were evident. She also recommended black tape, duct tape, extra admin clothes, Snake brand powder, and other items for my Basic Military Training. They did come in helpful, just as she had predicted.

Army Shop Singapore

Army Market. Image courtesy of SG Magazine Online.

Taste the delicious food in Beach Road Army Market Food

The army market sits on the second level of the Golden Mile food centre and houses about 111 stalls. Image courtesy of Our Singapore Memories.

Golden Mile Food Centre Army Market

The Army Market is located on the second floor of the Golden Mile Food Centre on Beach Road, while the food stalls are located on the ground and basement floors. The structure was built in 1975 to shelter street hawkers who had been relocated due to the construction of the Jalan Sultan compound.