Platypus Cantina Transforms Singapore’s Culinary Scene with Scintillating Mexican-Inspired Cuisine at CityLink Mall

Platypus Cantina Transforms Singapore’s Culinary Scene with Scintillating Mexican-Inspired Cuisine at CityLink Mall

Platypus Cantina, the Mexican-inspired restaurant on East Coast Road, recently embarked on a new chapter by relocating to the bustling CityLink Mall. The move signifies a significant milestone for the gastro bar as it transitions from a test kitchen to a full-fledged dining establishment, poised to elevate the local culinary scene with its scintillating Mexican-inspired cuisine.

The new location offers more spacious dining spaces, including alfresco spaces and private rooms, a menu of mouth-watering Mexican-inspired dishes, and a wide selection of signature drinks.

The evolution from the test kitchen to Platypus Cantina

Platypus Cantina started as a passion project in 2009, known as Platypus Test Kitchen. Situated in the bustling Central Business District, it attracted diners with its pasta dishes and Mediterranean-inspired creations. The venture then transformed into Platypus Lobster Shack & Food Bar, capturing patrons’ attention with affordable gourmet lobster rolls and delectable rice bowl creations.

The team spread its wings further by introducing Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction, providing a comprehensive dining experience centred around exquisite pasta and Mediterranean cuisine.

However, the emergence of Platypus Cantina in the vibrant surroundings of East Coast Road truly captivated the locals’ hearts. The gastrobar quickly became a beloved establishment by introducing a fusion of creative cocktails and an extensive menu of Mexican-inspired delights. While embracing innovation, Platypus Cantina stayed true to its roots, preserving popular dishes and signature drinks that had won over the local community.

Mexican-inspired dishes, signature drinks

At the new location, more locals and tourists can conveniently taste Platypus Cantina’s mouthwatering Quesadillas with Braised Tempeh topping, the flavorful Pulled Pork Carnitas, or the succulent Beef Carne Asada. The Pollo Asado Chicken and the array of vegetarian choices also provide delightful alternatives.

The gastronomic journey continues with the Mac ‘N’ Cheese Platter and Tomatillo Rice Bowls, which come with a variety of toppings, including Spiced Beef Rendang, Glazed Asian Pork Belly, or Tempeh, paying homage to local fare. Warm and comforting options like the Adobo Style Mutton Stew, Beef Caldillo Soup, and the crowd-favourite Ale-Guajillo Seafood Soup are perfect for those seeking a hearty and satisfying meal. The gastro bar also offers a wide range of tempting tacos that cater to the most discerning taste buds.

True to the saying that food is best when shared, Platypus Cantina offers a delectable medley of tapas designed for communal eating. Each bite is a culinary pleasure, from the fiery and succulent Angry Chicken Wings to the crispy Beer Battered Shrimp Poppers. The Char-Grilled Truffle Beef Cubes, Colorado Calamari Rings, Mexican Soft Shell Crabby, and Flame-Charred Baby Octopus are crowd-favourites.

Renowned for its wide variety of Margaritas and Micheladas in the East, Platypus Cantina continues its legacy at the new location. Over the years, they have created signature drinks such as the Hell’s Angel Spicy Margarita, the unique mixture of Micheladas, which are a fusion of various sauces, aromatic spices, fiery chilis, and luscious fruit purees, and the Classic Dark & Stormy, a blend of El Dorado 12-year-old rum, handcrafted ginger syrup, and a zing of lime.

Platypus Cantina’s transformation from a test kitchen to a full-fledged gastro bar marks a significant milestone in the culinary scene of Singapore. With its Mexican-inspired cuisine, exceptional drinks, and dedication to delivering a remarkable dining experience, Platypus Cantina continues to shape and elevate the local culinary landscape.

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