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A library of free illustrations & stock that capture the real Singapore experience.

Free for commercial & personal use.

Illustrations by Arica Lim, part of Microtask.

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Est. June 2021.
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Why Start A Singapore Stock Photo Site?

We are a group of freelancers, who work with Singapore Stock Photos a lot, and we are sick of the variety for localized content. (Both stock photo & illustrations alike) 

So we took it to ourselves to start and curate a Singapore Stock Photo & Illustration site.

To help other webmasters, freelancers & businesses have better Stock images for Singapore-based content.

 We are quite new, and still sourcing for ways to curate stock photos & Illustrations alike – so feel free to drop us an email! 

What do we look out for curating stock photos for Singapore?

We try to look for real-world usage, instead of just aesthetics and generic tourist traps.

We try to show less highlights and more of real world view of Singapore.

We are still in the progress of improving our stock availability. 

Are we just a stock photo site for Singapore?

We plan to expand into illustrations, icons and stock video to help curate the best Singapore experience available.

We do content once in awhile too! See: Singapore MRT Map Guide.

Stock photos sponsored by our clients I-Credit and Avante Yoga Orchard, thank you for paying us 😉

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